Madam Vice-President

What a historic day it is. We not only have the first Woman Vice-President of the United States, but also the first Indian-American and first Woman of Colour to hold the second-highest public office in the United States.

I can’t forget that 5:00AM announcement of CNN on 7th November 2016 when the projection came that Donald J. Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. I sat on the my bed and I wondered, “is that what America is? is that what the World has become? A man who publicly made fun of differently-abled men and women, a man who shamelessly said that he would grab women by their p***y was elected the president?”

Most people don’t realise it as it is, but this win-win of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris is personal to me. It is personal not because Kamala Harris is Indian, but instead because it shows that hope is possible in uncertainty. We here in India have the saying, “Umeed par Duniya Kayam hai (The world relies on Hope)”, and today I quite literally saw that.

Kamala Harris has paved way for those dreaming of a better life. I couldn’t put this in a better way than Michelle Obama did during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, “People who’s parents don’t speak a word of English, but dream of a better life”

Harris’s win has put me in bright-light. I’d like to quote what Oprah Winfrey said when she won the Cecil B. DeMille, “…maintain hope of a brighter morning, even during the darkest nights”

I am optimistic that our country and our world could be a better place too, all it requires is action. The United States set an example that when people take action, CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, in-fact it is inevitable. Elections are not only about decision relating to who will lead us, and the upcoming generation, for the next few years. It is also about what is on the ballot. For me, every election, FREEDOM IS ON THE BALLOT, and when you VOTE, that is what you’re voting for: People’s Freedom.

I don’t know about you, but I can surely tell you about myself: I dream of a life, a country and a world where I can tell my Sister, my Daughter and every woman that surrounds me: Yes, you CAN BE whatever YOU WANT TO BE, provided you’re willing to work for it and wake up everyday to fight what is owed to you.

Coming from a country like India, where women are not treated equal and where girls are killed in mothers womb, just because they’re “girls”, it is a strong message to the world.

That is what Kamala Harris has done today. Becoming the Vice President-elect of U.S, she has thrown light on the possibility of Women leading us into a better future.


– Varun Malik

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